Brandon Bharat

I am a charismatic young man who aspires to inspire others. Working as a lifeguard for many years, I have a specialty in teaching people how to not to drown. Actually, as a recent U of T graduate with a double major in Human Biology Psychology, I could probably save you from drowning in books too. I can really relate to all the students out there - I've spent my time watching as much Netflix as humanly possible, and while I've never played 2K, you can most definitely get the work in FIFA. Feel free to watch any of my Youtube videos @OfficiallyBrandon – be my second subscriber.



Amandeep Sandhu

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto and through all my ups and downs in university one thing stayed consistent, my love for 2K. I’ve always had a passion for helping others, which led me to join many charitable organizations on campus, including Doctors Without Borders and Free the Children. I was born in Scarborough and raised up in Malvern and have always been intrigued with film (aka Worldstar). With a passion for helping others combined with my interests in film, I’m looking forward to working with the new, dope, up and coming artists in Toronto. Stay woke my friends.

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Fazan Baig

Running around Malvern as a young boy and falling in love with the neighbourhood motivated me to join my friends in starting this arts youth program. They focus on the arts aspect, and I focus on saucing mans in Smash bros. It’s a good balance. I see a lot of potential in Scarborough for improving access to resources for youth, and cementing Scarborough as the arts capital of Toronto. Having spent a good part of my first few years in Canada at the Malvern library, it makes sense that I continue this trend as a young adult. I see big things in store for The Wave, and for everyone that runs with it. Looking forward to seeing all of you finesse the skills you learn with us.


Sampreeth Rao

Between suffering through Super Mario Bros. 2 as a kid, and hustling through a Physics degree as a young adult, the one constant in my life has been art. From shooting cinematic music videos, to lighting stuff on fire for absolutely no reason, film has always been an avenue for me to visualize all of the crazy ideas in my head. Sometimes I get really really lucky – recently my one-minute short, Red in your Head, was selected for the TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival, which you can check out on the Gram (@raorry). I can’t wait to see what all the dope artists we’re working with chef up in the coming months. In the meantime, peace, love, and shout out to Russell Westbrook for all the inspiration.