In developing our own artistic careers, we've learned that the most important factor towards being successful is developing a network that will help fund, sustain, and spread our work. As a result, The Wave Runners Program is a 16-week initiative (January-April) that aims to provide youth aged 14-25 with resources, mentorship, and entrepreneurial skills to consistently and sustainably create digital media art (film, photo, music, etc). 

Please check back for applications to the 2018 program.


  • Consistently producing work
  • Getting more Instagram followers!
  • Collaborating with other artists (both in the program and in the community)
  • Learning entrepreneurship skills to get a creative business or artistic career off the ground
  • Being mentored by other artists (we will be bringing in speakers that work in the arts industry)
  • Organizing a culminating arts event at a gallery to showcase our work

Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • People who want to collaborate on videos or photos (either be in front of camera, or behind)
  • Personalities who want to put themselves on YouTube and Instagram
  • Creators, producers, shooters, designers, and editors
  • People interested in the business/networking side of the creative industry
  • Self-motivated

An example session:

Our main focus is on collaboration – if we have two photographers, a designer, and three people who want to be in front of camera, we will spend some time collaborating on a concept that is mutually beneficial (ie. a photoshoot, or skit). Two examples of a finished product after a few of our sessions could be a full series of editorial pictures for Instagram, or a bunch of comedic videos for YouTube. Because we have the production resources, we would be able to shoot and edit all of the content in-house. The idea is to work together to produce content that can be used for individual growth as well as collective marketing. 


Our performance space/green screen room.

Our colourful wall to shoot videos against!


We’re in Scarborough! Sessions will take place on Saturdays from 1 pm – 4 pm in the newly renovated SPOT at Malvern Public Library. We have access to an amazing list of resources for producing digital media content, including:

  • Access to iMacs with full Adobe suite
  • Potential use of recording studio
  • Lighting equipment
  • DSLR cameras
  • Dance studio  
  • Video microphones/lavaliers
  • Green screen
  • 3D printer
  • Polaroid camera

Our 3D printer.

One of our iMacs with the entire Adobe Creative Suite.



Funding for The Wave Runners Program has been provided by the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council and ArtReach Toronto.

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Special thanks to Scarborough Arts for their support through the SA Together Residency.

Space and resources provided by the Toronto Public Library.